Pan Livery Initiative

In 2018 a Pan Livery Initiative was established to examine the progress and direction of the Livery, improve public relations, to promote the Livery and to gather key information about the Livery as a whole.

The primary purpose of the Pan-Livery Initiative (PLI) is to provide the facts in support of the communication of a clear consistent and authentic message of deliveries value and contribution to society. The PLI supports these aims with communications plans and the organisation of various surveys covering Livery companies’ philanthropic endeavour, the composition of Livery companies and Attitudinal views amongst Liverymen and Freemen of the several companies.

The PLI is governed by a Steering Group and is supported by a separate Communications Working Group.


Communications – supporting the development delivery and oversight of a common comms strategy which may be used by the Livery and Livery companies.

Shared philanthropy – helping to incubate new projects which aspire to involve multiple companies across the breadth of Livery.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing – facilitating agile and flexible cooperation and knowledge sharing between individual Livery companies and between the Livery and its stakeholders

Governance – supporting the development of an appropriate framework for the Livery and its key stakeholders including all livery companies, their members, the Lord Mayor and the City of London Corporation

COVID-19 – providing support and mutual aid during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Enquiries about the Pan Livery Initiative can be addressed to

Steering Group

  • Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli. (Chair)
  • The Lord Mayor, Alderman Nick Lyons
  • Bob Harris
  • David Santa-Olalla
  • James Gurling
  • Johnny Robertson
  • Kate Pink
  • Penny Graham
  • Deputy Philip Woodhouse
  • Richard Winstanley
  • Rob Abernethy
  • Tim Rolph
  • Rebecca Thorpe (Minutes)
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