Supporting charities during COVID

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the Livery Companies have been supporting a range of charities across the City.

Team Rubicon

“In London, we are currently providing mortuary and body handling support to Westminster and NHS Nightingale; supporting food banks across the city; PPE delivery and assembly for NHS Nightingale and logistics support to Guys and St. Thomas Hospital. There are unfortunately many more tasks being generated for mortuaries and vulnerable communities in London.”


“Our adapted delivery Prison Leaver Helpline is running in HMP Wandsworth and we want to expand to HMP Pentonville. We provide vital urgent support to those currently leaving during the pandemic with no preparation for release. The team have been helping callers, many of whom are at a crisis, to access foodbank vouchers, find emergency housing, and ensure their benefits are in place.”

Afghanistan and Central Asian Association

“To establish a free telephone advice line in response to COVID-19 to meet the increased demand for our services for refugees, asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors, elderly and migrants – many with little English language skills.”

Good Gym

“We will now focus on our runners delivering food safely to isolated people who are most in need during the coronavirus outbreak and support hospital discharge teams and Foodbanks.”

Anne Robson Trust

“To provide support to all patients who are facing their final days in a hospital bed. In these unprecedented times, we continue to support hospital patients and their families. We need to be ready to help get the NHS back on its feet post the coronavirus outbreak.”

Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity

“Given the huge pressure on the NHS at the moment, the fact that hospitalised children are very much at-risk for COVID-19 and the fact that obtaining continuing support is very difficult due to isolation, our nurses are more vital than ever to act as the lifeline between the children, their families and the care/medication they need.”

Cavell Nurses’ Trust

“Right now [April] we are emotionally and financially supporting nursing professionals every day affected by Coronavirus. In the last week, we have had 34 enquiries, mostly from those who have contracted the virus through their work. We expect this pace to accelerate over the next weeks.”

Clapton Common Boys Club

“We are launching a new educational and emotional support interactive system for 50 children who have SEND education and learning difficulties. The tablet which they will access from home, will engage them in positive activity making and stimulating support so that their mental health and emotional levels remain stable.” 

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