Wardens and Court Assistants City Course
11 Sep 2023


Learn how the civic and financial City works.

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This all-day course is intended for Senior or Upper Wardens due to take the chair over the coming 12 months. Their spouses, partners and consorts are also very welcome to attend.

Other Wardens and Court Assistants may also register (with spouses if they wish), but the preferred time for them to do so is during the year immediately prior to their installation.

Experience has shown that previous attendance at a City Briefing (within the past five years) is very helpful before coming on this course. New Clerks are also welcome.


To provide Liverymen approaching the chair a sound basic understanding of:

  • How the City Corporation operates,
  • the roles of Lord Mayor, Court of Aldermen and Court of Common Council,
  • the interdependence and interrelationships between the Mayoralty, the Court of Aldermen and Common Council,
  • the relationship and significance of the Livery with the City Corporation, and
  • a brief introduction to the business workings of City and its financial services industry, and on being a Master. There is an additional session for Masters’ Consorts.


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Programme and timings (indicative TBC)

09.30-9.40 Welcome and objective setting – the basics
Chair, Livery Committee

09.40-10.00 The role and work of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs

10.00-10.20 Helping ‘The Livery’ understand and support ‘The City’

10.20-10.40 The City of London Corporation

10.40-11.00 Refreshments

11.00-11.20 Education and Skills

11.20-11.40 The role and work of the City of London Police

11.40-12.10 On being a Master? Q&A panel session

12.10-12.30 The role and duties of the ‘Mistress’ or Master’s Consort Q&A panel session

12.30-12.40 Concluding remarks
Chair, Livery Committee

12.45 Lunch

14.30 Depart

Cancellation and rearrangement

The full cost of the course is refundable providing 10 days’ notice is given. If you wish to cancel your place, please contact the Course Administrator.