Admission of Sheriffs – 28 September 2022


The Town Clerk’s Office has provided details for the Admission of Sheriffs on 28 September 2022.

Please note that no entrance passes are required in order to attend the Admission of Sheriffs. This event is open to all those wishing to attend.

The two new Sheriffs-elect, elected at Common Hall on the preceding 24 June, are admitted to office on Michaelmas Eve, normally 28 September unless a weekend. A ceremony is held at Guildhall, immediately followed by the Sheriffs’ Breakfast for invited guests.

The actual Admission ceremony is short and begins at 12 noon, guests are asked to be seated by 11:40. Tickets are not required and normally there is plenty of seated capacity. Most attending will be Sheriffs’ Breakfast invitees however other liverymen and supporters of the new Sheriffs may attend.

The dress code is business attire but for the following Breakfast it is morning coat, consequently most attendees will be in morning dress or equivalent. Ladies are encouraged to wear hats.


There is no official Livery Committee role for this event. If Committee members do wish to attend, they will be seated with other guests in the main body of the hall.

Generally, Masters do not wear gowns, only those Masters who are processing as supporters of the Sheriff-Elects’ mother Livery companies wear their robes.

There is no obligation to wear badges of office. Some Masters do choose to wear badges, but it is down to personal preference.

There is no reserved seating in the main hall for the Admission ceremonies.

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