Livery Committee Constitution and Governance


The Committee shall be called the “Livery Committee”.

The membership now comprises –

  • 2 Liverymen who are Aldermen, nominated by the Court of Aldermen
  • 4 Liverymen who are Common Councilmen, nominated by the Court of Common Council
  • 4 Liverymen, not Aldermen or Common Councilmen or Clerks, nominated by the Livery Companies, one through the Clerks of the Great Twelve livery companies, one through the Clerks’ Association and two through the Fellowship of Clerks
  • 5 Livery Company Clerks, one nominated from the Clerks to the Great Twelve, one from the Clerks’Association and three from the Fellowship of Clerks or otherwise as mutually agreed between them (together with up to 4 co-optees who should, ideally, be Liverymen)

The quorum for the Committee meetings is five members of the Committee.

The Term of office is for three years, and a maximum of two terms is permitted (i.e. Six years in total, but there is now special dispensation for the Chairman and Deputy Chairman if required).

Note: The Clerks of the 110 livery companies divide themselves into three groups: The Great XII Clerks; the Clerks’ Association (Hall owners other than the Great XII); and the Fellowship of Clerks, to which all Clerks including Guild Clerks are eligible to join. It is these three Associations who nominate the liverymen and clerk members.


The Chairman and Deputy Chairman are elected or re-elected annually at the September meeting, despite being permitted to serve for two 3-year terms. A record of previous Chairmen is shown here:

  • Bernard Morgan, Basketmaker 1995-1996
  • Richard Saunders, Clothworker 1996-1998
  • Philip Willoughby, Glass Seller 1998-2003
  • John Hutchins, Clothworker 2003-2006
  • Geoffrey Bond, Glazier 2006-2010
  • William Fraser, Gardener 2010-2013
  • Nigel Pullman, Leatherseller 2013-2016
  • Richard Regan, Cutler 2016-2018
  • Victoria Russell, Arbitrator 2018-2021
  • Philip Woodhouse, Grocer 2021-

A full version of the Constitution together with the Committee’s Terms of Reference is available.

Election to the Committee

Each of the Associations listed above select and nominate their representatives, who are then formally elected by the Livery in Common Hall on Midsummer Day. When a vacancy is due to occur for Liverymen and Clerk vacancies, the Town Clerk will write to the Secretary of the relevant Clerks’ Association in February. The Secretary to the Fellowship will then seek nominations from the Fellowship Clerks (except those owning Hall). A selection process may then take place. The Great XII and the Clerks’ Association make similar arrangements. The Court of Common Council elect their six representatives as for all other Guildhall committees.

The preferred candidates are likely to be senior liverymen (for example Past Masters) and who have a broad knowledge of livery companies and the civic City beyond their own company.
They should also be Liverymen who have the time and interest to play a part in the work of the Committee beyond its formal meetings. Nominees are expected to meet the criteria contained in the Livery Committee Job Description and Person Specification.

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