City Officers

The Town Clerk

The role of the Town Clerk of the City of London dates back to 1274 when Ralph Crepyn held office until 1306. This role has now transitioned into the title of Chief Executive in most local authorities. Ian Thomas CBE is the current town clerk. He styles himself as Town Clerk and Chief Executive highlighting the vital presence of this ancient role within local government eight centuries on. The Town Clerk and the Chief Executive of the City of London is the senior role in the Corporation. He is the affective head of paid service and has highest authority to maintain efficient management and the execution of the organisation’s functions. The Town Clerk and Chief Executive’s department has responsibilities in serving: members of the Court of Common Council and the Court of Alderman, their committees, their sub-committees and their working parties.

The City Remembrancer

The City Remembrancer role dates back to 1571 when Elizabeth I was on the throne. The Remembrancer is one of the City’s Law Officers, a Parliamentary Agent and its head of Protocol. In 1685, the Remembrancer’s requirement was laid down by order to “attend Parliament and the offices of the Secretaries of State daily and acquaint the Lord Mayor with the public affairs and other business transacted there relating to the City”. The Remembrancer organises events and hospitality on behalf of the City of London Corporation. An important example includes State Banquets to honour visiting Heads of State. The current Remembrancer is Mr Paul Double who has held this ancient office for over twenty years.

The Chamberlain of London

The Chamberlain of London office anciently dates back to 1237. This role was originally appointed by the Crown and traditionally began on Midsummer Day. The appointed Chamberlain of London was historically responsible for collecting and distributing revenues. This popular office could not be removed from the officeholder “unless some great cause of complaint appear against him”. This role now has the title of the Finance Director of the City of London Corporation. Caroline Al-Beyerty is the current Chamberlain. The role, ensure the Corporation of London delivers outstanding services to businesses and residents of Square Mile. Caroline observes the spending of the Corporation, ensuring it is wisely obtaining good value. Moreover, she oversees the awards of the Freedom of the City of London where the award ceremonies are conducted at the Chamberlain’s Court.

The Recorder of the City of London

The Recorder of London is the senior presiding Judge at the Central Criminal Court, commonly known as the Old Bailey. The City of London owns and maintains three Courthouses within the city boundaries including the Old Bailey. The current Recorder in His Honour Judge Mark Lucraft KC, who was formerly the Chief Coroner of England and Wales. He is directly involved in the formal appointment of the Lord Mayor. This ancient legal office is additionally appointed as the Steward of Southwark. The Recorder’s most important role is the administration of justice at the Old Bailey, hearing trials of criminal justice. This Crown Court has unique facilities to hear the most serious cases in the country. Approximately 75% of its cases are homicides, alongside terrorist trials and cases of high public interest. Therefore, it is essential for the Recorder to smoothly run the Central Criminal Court for justice to be dispensed.

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