Pan Livery Giving Survey

In 2018 a Pan Livery Initiative was established to examine the progress and direction of the Livery, improve public relations, to promote the livery and to gather key information about the Livery as a whole. A Steering Group was set up under the Chairmanship of an Alderman, the overall purpose being to oversee and coordinate the Pan-Livery Initiative; sharing information, encouraging continued momentum, organising Pan-Livery gatherings relating to the Initiative and disseminating key information.

Two further groups were set up to undertake the work of the Pan Livery Initiative; the Communication Working Group and a Philanthropy Group. Three separate surveys were undertaken amongst companies and guilds to determine Membership composition, an attitudinal assessment and collective charitable giving including grants and donated time.

The Giving Survey completed at the end of 2018 revealed that collectively Livery Companies give £67m annually in grants and other financial support, and a further 75,000 hours in pro-bono volunteering (governorships, mentoring, administration support). A further Philanthropy survey is planned for late 2020 and the results will be published.

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