New Guilds

The process of forming a new Livery Company is overseen by the Court of Aldermen (the Court). Initially the potential new company seeks to form a Guild. Having successfully achieved this status they can then apply, after four years, to become a Company without Livery. After a further four years they may apply for permission to become a Livery Company. The new Guild needs to be nominated by a sponsoring Alderman who will be prepared to support the new Guild and champion it on their behalf. Care must be taken to ensure that the new Guild’s remit does not overlap or clash with an existing Company. It is important to seek the support of as many existing companies as possible, particularly those that may be close to the profession of the new Guild.

The test for any new Guild proposal is that they must have a minimum number of committed individuals, a charitable fund meeting minimum requirements and evidence that the Guild can make a positive contribution to the profession and the City
The process of forming a new Guild will be advised and supported by the Clerk to the Chamberlain, however as stated the authority to grant and approve lays with the Court of Aldermen. Guidance on the forming of a new Guild is available.

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