City Ward Clubs

The 25 Wards of the City of London each have a Ward Club (some Wards share a club). The Ward Clubs are primarily so clubs aimed at residents and those who work in the City particularly the business voters. The Ward Clubs also provide another link between the electorate and the Court of Common Council since the Aldermen and Common Councilmen are invariably members of the club for their ward. The Ward Clubs are the body that organises the Wardmote (Ward Moot) at which candidates for election to the office of Common Councilman or Alderman are elected. It is the Ward Beadle who opens and closes the Wardmote and in times past would have fined Freemen who failed to attend.

Also a United Wards’ Club provides a social club for the whole City and runs an extensive programme of educational, social sporting events.

The Wards of the City of London are:

  • Aldersgate
  • Aldgate
  • Bassishaw
  • Billingsgate
  • Bishopsgate
  • Bread Street
  • Bridge Lime
  • Broad Street
  • Candlewick
  • Castle Baynard
  • Cheap
  • Coleman Street
  • Cordwainer
  • Cornhill
  • Cripplegate
  • Dowgate
  • Farringdon Within
  • Farringdon Without
  • Langbourn
  • Lime Street
  • Portsoken
  • Queenhithe
  • Tower
  • Vintry
  • Walbrook

Note: Lime Street and Cornhill share a Ward Club, as do Vintry and Dowgate, and the two Farringdon Wards.

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