British Red Cross

The British Red Cross helps anyone anywhere in the UK and around the world to get the support they need if a crisis strikes. They focus on Connecting human kindness with human crisis from hiring a wheelchair or dealing with loneliness, to adjusting to life in a new country; they are there when needed.

BRC partners with other Red Cross and Red Crescent societies around the world to prevent or ease human suffering. They help people in the UK when an emergency happens. They also give care and support to trafficked people and anyone in forced labour as well as refugees and asylum seekers trying to get back on their feet after a traumatic time.

The City of London and the Livery Companies have always helped and supported the City of London branch of BRC with several regular events:

  • An organised and sponsored Christmas Market at Guildhall featuring the ultimate shopping experience with 100 stalls selling handmade and unique gifts; talks about wellness; and a fashion show. Enjoy tasty treats in the Café in the Crypt and ‘street food’ stalls in the yard. Plus a fabulous auction. This event raises more than £150,000.
  • The BRC organised ‘Jailed & Bailed’ is an annual event for selected Livery Masters. Participants are ‘arrested’ by the City of London Police in the presence of the Sheriffs using trumped up spurious charges concocted by their Clerks. Following coffee with the Lady Mayoress they are carted off to the Tower of London where they are ‘tortured’ with sponsored champagne and a splendid lunch. In return they agree to raise from their liverymen, colleagues, family and friends a substantial ‘bail payment’ donation to effect their release after lunch. This immensely enjoyable annual occasion raises many thousands of pounds.
  • Livery Masters participate annually in a Collection Day on London Bridge in their full livery robes. A commanding spectacular for residents and tourists alike who are asked to donate to the British Red Cross.
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