Nature and scope of PLPB volunteering

The nature and type of volunteering and pro-bono activity undertaken by Livery Companies is broad. It includes but is not limited to the following.

    1. Serving as a School Governor:
      • For a Livery School
      • For other types of school
    2. Serving as a Charity Trustee:
      • On a Livery Company Charitable Fund
      • On an independent Charity – but only if via the Livery.
    3. Support to schools:
      • Providing speakers: STEM ambassadors,
      • School visits, encouraging people to enter various trades
      • One-to-one: Careers guidance, work experience
    4. Support to Further Education (FE) colleges
      • Describe a trade or career
      • Awards and bursaries
    5. Mentoring:
      • Award winners, best in class
      • Aspiring members, Juniors, Apprentices etc
      • Postgraduate students
      • Budding entrepreneurs
      • Charity leaders
      • Career and / or life mentoring
    6. Advisory workshops and programmes, for example:
      • The Gift of Communication
      • Financial viability and sustainability
      • General purpose HR workshops – eg topics such as flexible working
    7. Business advisory support to charities:
      • Employability support
      • Information technology advice
      • Management consulting advice
      • Marketing support
      • General professional advice
    8. Military affiliations:
      • Mentoring of Servicemen and Women
      • Advice on entering a trade or profession
      • Professional development – personal and career advice
    9. Provision of “on the ground” support – often by younger talent, for example:
      • Disaster relief charities
      • RED engineers for disaster relief – who aim to train locals to deal with disasters as much as providing direct on the ground intervention.

Scope and definitions

  1. Scope should be limited to activities organized via the Livery Company.
  2. Pro bono – a service that in other circumstances would be paid for.
  3. Volunteering – a service not normally paid for.
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