The City Consorts Society

The City Consorts is a membership Society welcoming future, present and past Consorts of Livery Masters of the City of London, to be members of a unique organisation. In essence they are a ‘Community of Consorts’ – supporting each other, enjoying each other’s company, and exchanging knowledge about the City, the Livery and being a Consort.

The main aim is to make sure that up and coming Consorts feel confident in ‘taking on’ their year and their role. Past Consorts are invaluable in helping to build that confidence as they have useful experiences and knowledge that they can share with Present and Future Consorts.

An important part of the Society is the programme of social events. These events are held in informal settings where it is easy to mix and mingle and get to know each other. They give enjoyable opportunities for making friends, learning more, exchanging information and experience, building contacts, and finding out more about the City, the Livery and the Consort’s role, as well as quite simply, providing practice in socialising in a supportive environment.

Knowing and understanding more, is all part of the confidence building and the website has been built with this in mind. It is specifically designed to provide information that is relevant to the Consort and the Consort’s role and has been developed from feedback by the members. It is focused on the members’ requirements and concerns. The content is written by members and complements the gains in knowledge from the events.

You can access the City Consorts’ website and  a membership application form and brochure is available under the ‘membership’ menu.

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