Livery Committee Membership

  • Sir Charles Bowman (Grocer) elected June 2021
  • Alison Gowman (Plaisterer and Glover) elected June 2023
Common Councillors
  • Deputy Keith Bottomley (Pattenmaker) elected June 2022
  • Deputy Shravan Joshi (Fueller) elected June 2019
  • Deputy Philip Woodhouse (Grocer) elected June 2017, Committee Chairman
  • Irem Yerdelen (Insurer) elected June 2022
Liverymen Nominees:
  • David Chalk (Draper) elected 29 September 2022
  • Nicholas Dawson Paul (Salter) elected June 2022
  • Julia Sibley (Innholder) elected June 2017 – Committee Deputy Chair
  • Mark Spofforth (Chartered Accountant and Horner) elected 29 September 2022
Clerks (from each of three Associations)
  • Richard Cole-Mackintosh (Fellowship Deputy Chair, and Shipwrights)
  • Christine Cook (Fellowship Secretary, Retired Clerk)
  • Malachy Doran (Clerks’ Association, and Barbers)
  • Charlie Knaggs (Great XII, and Ironmongers)
  • Kate Pink (Fellowship Chair, and Guild of Freemen)
Co-opted Members (Up to four are permitted)
  • Rob Abernethy (Clerk to the Mercers)
  • David Barrett elected until June 2024
  • Penny Graham (Cordwainers Clerk)
  • Alderman Alastair King (SABTAC)
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