The Livery Committee

The Livery Committee is a connecting forum for communication between the livery and the officers at Guildhall and Mansion House. The Committee allows communication on any matter regarding the general body of the Livery.

Livery Committee Briefings

The Livery Committee, supported by the Town Clerk's Department at the City of London, publish a quarterly newsletter called the Livery Briefing. The publication is distributed to all Livery Clerks...

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Roles and responsibilities

Committee members have the following roles and responsibilities - To join with the Committee in carrying out the work that Common Hall expects it to undertake, ie as set out...

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Nominations and appointments

The nominating bodies have submitted their nominations on the basis of the constitution and the composition of the Committee is - Two Aldermen nominated by the Court of Aldermen Sir...

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Objectives and key tasks

The Objectives of the Livery Committee are - To oversee the running of Common Hall including, where appropriate, the voting procedures. To help increase awareness of and support for the...

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Livery Committee Constitution and Governance

Overview The Committee shall be called the "Livery Committee". The membership now comprises - 2 Liverymen who are Aldermen, nominated by the Court of Aldermen 4 Liverymen who are Common...

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Livery Committee Membership

Current members Aldermen Sir Peter Estlin (Intl. Banker) elected June 2021 Sir Charles Bowman (Grocer) elected June 2021 Common Councillors Deputy Keith Bottomley (Pattenmaker) elected June 2022 Deputy Shravan Joshi...

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Livery Committee History

The Livery Committee commenced activities in July 1864. It was originally created with the purpose of organising and overseeing the elections of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs at Common Hall....

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Livery Committee Report – 24 June 2021

The following report is to be presented on 24th June, 2021 to The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Liverymen of the Several Companies of the City of London...

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Common Hall

Common Hall is the name by which the assemblies of Liverymen to elect the Lord Mayor, Sheriffs, and certain other officers, are known. Individual Livery Companies sometimes also refer to...

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