Military Affiliations

The City of London Livery Companies have a particularly close and long-standing relationship with the Armed Forces of the Crown, one that continues to flourish in the 21st century through the plethora of Livery Company affiliations with ships, shore establishments, regiments, squadrons and other military formations.

There are many facets to the City’s connection with the Armed Forces, not just as a source of resources. The Livery Companies have a vital, and much appreciated, role in supporting numerous regiments, ships, shore establishments, air stations and units in the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force. The ways in which the City and the Livery Companies support the Armed Forces of the Crown are as numerous as they are diverse, but they are all important and forge bonds that have lasted for generations. Where there is an obvious trade, craft or professional relationship between the Livery Company and their associated military units the relationship will often extend to career mentorship, training, examination and awards for excellence presented by the Livery to serving members of HM Forces.

The Livery Committee acknowledges this content from the CityandLivery Blog published by Paul D Jagger.

Affiliations are formed to provide support and appreciation for Her Majesty’s Armed Forces as they guard and protect us. There is much inter-action between Companies and Affiliates such as the granting of awards, exchange of visits, joint activities and dinner guest attendances. Welfare grants are often made by Company charitable funds.

A maintained list of affiliations can be found on the Stepping Forward London website.

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