How to become an Alderman and Sheriff

In the City of London, but nowhere else, Aldermen are still elected for each of the wards of the City, by the regular electorate, and until 2004 could hold office for life, but now have a term of not more than six years. They form the Court of Aldermen. To be an eligible candidate to be Lord Mayor of the City of London, it is necessary to be an Alderman and to have served as a Sheriff of the City of London. Candidates standing for Alderman need to appeal to both the residents in the ward they wish to serve and also to the businesses based there who are entitled to votes based on the number of employees that they support. Candidates no longer need to be qualified JPs however they must meet other requirements; see the ‘Aldermanic Guidance to Qualification’ document.

Useful downloads:

Non Aldermanic Sheriff job description

Aldermanic Appraisal Process

Guidance for election as an Alderman and Guidance on Progression to the Offices of Sheriff and Lord Mayor

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