Common Hall

Common Hall is the name by which the assemblies of Liverymen to elect the Lord Mayor, Sheriffs, and certain other officers, are known. Individual Livery Companies sometimes also refer to their own electoral gatherings by this name. Common Hall developed from an early assembly of citizens termed a Congregation, which itself is conjectured to be a survival of the ancient Folkmoot.

Reports to Common Hall

Annual Report The Livery Committee meets for Common Hall held in Guildhall on Midsummer Day for the election of Sheriffs and at Michaelmas for the election of the Lord Mayor....

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Common Hall Arrangements

Ceremonial arrangements for the Election of Sheriffs and other officers, which takes place on Monday 24th June 2024.

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Summons to Common Hall

For the past several centuries, the Livery have been summoned to Guildhall for a Common Hall twice yearly; once, to elect the Lord Mayor (on Michaelmas Day, 29 September) and...

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Aldermanic Progression

The document below aims to provide practical guidance to those considering standing for election as an Alderman/Alderwoman of the City of London, as well as guidance for those elected on...

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Election of Sheriffs

History The office of Sheriff is of greater antiquity than any other in the City of London and is mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon laws of the 7th century. Wicreeves, portreeves...

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Election of Lord Mayor

From as early as 1189 there are references to the title of Mayor as chief officer of the City of London. The courtesy title "Lord Mayor" is evolutionary and has...

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Election Addresses and Acceptance Speeches

A selection of the addresses to Common Hall by the candidates for the offices of Alderman and Sheriff. Elections are held on Midsummer’s Day (24 June) every year at noon...

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At the time of the election of the Lord Mayor and at other formal functions, guests are invited to deliver a speech to Common Hall. A selection of these are...

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