Guidance for the Livery following the sad death this morning of the Duke of Edinburgh

The Livery Committee is aware that clarity has been sought by the Livery as to how to respond to this morning’s very sad news about the death of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Mr Remembrancer has advised that the response from the Livery is a matter for each Master/Prime Warden/Upper Bailiff. Letters of condolence may be sent, with the wording determined by each Company or Guild.

A letter of condolence will be sent by Victoria Russell on behalf of the Livery Committee.

There will be special meetings of the Court of Aldermen and the Court of Common Council next week to agree resolutions of condolence on behalf of the Courts. The Lord Mayor will also send a letter of condolence to the Palace on behalf of the City Corporation, the Court of Aldermen and the Court of Common Council.

Both of the special meetings will take place virtually and will be live streamed. Details will be on the Livery Committee website.

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