Livery Schools Link

Livery Schools Link works with livery companies and schools to benefit young people in education. The services they provide are developed in consultation with schools, students and Livery companies to ensure they meet the real world needs of student employability. Livery Schools Link is a member organisation. They are open to all livery companies, companies without livery and Guilds in the City of London on receipt of a modest annual subscription.

Benefits of membership include:

  • A free stand at the Livery showcase annual event
  • Priority booking at the Heads Livery conference
  • Opportunity to participate in a themed careers event
  • Help with finding a partner school
  • Receipt of extra newsletters
  • Ability to help mould the future long term direction of LSLL

Recently LSL has launched a new initiative to tackle the Digital Divide This fundraising campaign is designed to buy computer devices and internet connections for the most disadvantaged students in schools who are suffering device poverty. Can you help?

The Livery in Education Report is published annually and the current copy is available to download.

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