Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund charity performances at the Old Bailey

The Old Bailey fundraising Shows in aid of the Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund and Pan Intercultural Arts will resume in mid-March. This spring’s Show is called ‘Advocacy, Trial and Error’.

It will be presented in four evening performances commencing 6:00pm on Monday through Thursday 14-17 March 2022. There is also a Full Dress Rehearsal performance on Sunday afternoon 4:30pm on 13 March 2022 (no reception).

Tickets are on sale and can be booked online.

Premium seats are available for evening performances (£100) and Sunday (£45). Premium seats are located in the Defendant’s Dock (11) and the Jury Box (12), subject to availability. Standard tickets are available in the remainder of the Court room; evening performances are £65 each, Sunday standard seats £30 each. On Sunday Old Bailey staff may attend free of charge but must still book on line and receive tickets. The last tranche of tickets to be sold may be assigned to the Public Gallery if available.

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