The Square Mile Golf Society Scheme tees off

The Square Mile Golf Society Scheme (SMiGS) is a new pan-livery initiative aimed at reversing the recent decline in Livery Golf and enhancing fellowship through Livery golf.

Almost sixty companies have signed up to a WhatsApp group that allows spaces at a Company Golf Day to be posted and (hopefully) filled with players from other companies to get a “full field” on the course – which may make the difference between a viable event and one that is not.

SMiGS aims to compile a calendar of livery events and support interest through a season long competition. Information via a simple website is planned. Costs will be low and any financial surplus will go to Civic Causes, especially the Lord Mayor’s Charities and the Sheriffs’ and Recorders’ Fund.

For more information and to join the WhatsApp group, please contact Keith Baker or the SMiGS general email account.

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