Volunteer for trial of new rapid COVID testing method

A business run by a Salter has developed a new rapid COVID test via the usual swab that gives a result in just 20 seconds.  It’s under trial in the City and volunteers are being sought to take the test.

Virolens – i-Abra are starting the evaluation trial for a breakthrough 20-second COVID test on 3rd February at The Brewery, 52 Chiswell St, London EC1.

Participants will need to sign up via the link below and choose a 15 minute time window to take the test. Any participant will need to consent to taking the test (an oral swab) and consent to their data being used for the trial. Everyone will be asked to take a test on the Virolens device, the results of which, at this stage, are only indicative as the device is not approved yet (hence the point of the trial).

Please note, those that have already been vaccinated are not eligible to take part.

If someone does test positive they will be asked to take two PCR tests, each test will be sent to a different lab to confirm the results and the lab will be in touch with the individual with the results communicated within 48hrs. The results of the PCRs are also shared with PHE by the labs which is as legal requirement. If a participant tests negative they may be offered the chance to have 2 confirmatory PCR tests, they too will be informed of the results by the labs as well as PHE. Click here for details on taking part.


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