Ways by which the City is providing aid to the crisis in Ukraine

The Livery Committee have been asked about ways by which The Livery might assist with the ongoing disaster in Ukraine.

It is not for the Committee to ever dictate policy and therefore we wondered if it would be helpful to make you aware of what some have done.

Following contact with International Aid organisations, The City of London Corporation has made a donation. Having considered a number of options, they have supported The UNICEF Appeal as the Charity already has presence in the country and is providing Aid to Children and families impacted by the crisis.

Another option is the Disasters Emergency Committee which we understand brings 15 of the leading aid charities together to help with a disaster as quickly and efficiently as possible. They have presence on the ground in Ukraine through the charities involved and the UK Government will match pound-for-pound up to £20 million donated by the public to this appeal. The website is www.dec.org.uk.

There are of course many more options available, both locally and nationally, the choice is yours.

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