An urgent request for support from the Livery Food Initiative

The Livery Food Initiative and City Harvest are so grateful to the many Companies and Guilds who in 2023 helped raise funds.

Together, they raised the £190,000 needed to put a City Harvest van on the road for three years. The support across the Livery has been amazing. You can read what has been achieved in the Impact Report below.

Sadly the task is a very long way from being complete. London is facing a shocking cost of living crisis and ever increasing food poverty. From 2008 -21 food inflation was 28%: from 2021-23 food inflation has also been 28%. As the Livery Food Initiative moves into its second year it has issued a Further Request, again endorsed by the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs. It hopes that by asking for support through three different avenues even more Livery Companies and Charities will be able to participate.

As of mid-December, commitments for £76,050 of the £270,000 needed to fund the truck for three years have been received. The Livery Food Initiative and City Harvest are so very grateful for the continued support.

If you would like any further information, either before the request is placed before your Court or Charity, or on any other aspect of the Livery Food Initiative, please contact Hilary Lindsay.

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