Record month for website visitors

June saw the highest number of visitors in a single month since the site was launched in September 2020.

The Livery Committee website was launched on 1st September 2020. Since then, page views and visitor numbers have followed an encouraging trend, and a milestone of 50,000 page views was passed in March.

In June, there were 9,257 page views and 2,642 visits, both of them eclipsing previous highs. The month also saw the highest number of page views (766) and visitors (285) in a single day.

In addition to increasing traffic, the site has also seen strong uptake by Clerks of Companies and Guilds. They have submitted news items and events for the calendar, and more than 100 of the 110 Livery Company records in the database have been updated as Masters and personnel change. The database also contains details of Guilds and other City-linked organisations, and 30 of these have been updated by Clerks and Secretaries.

Victoria Russell, Chair of the Livery Committee said –

It is so encouraging to see these figures and to note the active support of the Clerks. We are very grateful to the City of London Corporation for its continued support, and we are also extremely grateful to the Livery Companies who have made financial contributions that will help the site to increase its outreach still further.

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