The Livery Food Initiative is launched

Livery charities are being asked to donate to the newly-launched Livery Food Initiative. By supporting City Harvest, the food redistribution charity, the Livery Food Initiative will help keep City Harvest vans rolling over the next three years, enabling them to provide more much-needed food to London-based charities.

The Livery Food Initiative is being launched by the Livery Charity Chairs Group (LCCG), a group only formed in 2021 but which already has over 80 members from more than 70 Livery companies and Guilds. LCCG recognised that more impact could be achieved by working collaboratively across Livery Companies and felt the current and escalating food crisis in London warranted such an approach.

City Harvest London was launched in 2014 and was a key player in the very successful Livery Kitchen Initiative which provided much needed support during the COVID 19 lockdowns. They currently rescue and deliver free nutritious food for over 1.1 million meals a month. City Harvest not only rescues food and rescues people but also rescues the planet, by preventing surplus food from reaching landfill where it would release the very toxic gas, methane.

Every £190,000 raised by the Livery Food Initiative will enable one of the City Harvest vans to keep rolling for three years, delivering 2.4 million meals during that time. The aim of this Livery-wide initiative is to keep as many vans running as possible.

The Livery Food Initiative has the support of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs. In his letter of support the Lord Mayor, Alderman Nicholas Lyons wrote:

LCCG partnering with City Harvest is a brilliant idea that will help tackle food poverty in the capital in a meaningful way. The work of City Harvest unquestionably needs more resources to meet the growing demand. And this initiative will serve to put more food on the table for those who need it most.

Full details of the proposal and the request to provide funding are available to download. Any queries should be sent to Hilary Lindsay at

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