The launch of newest Livery Food Initiative Truck – 5th March

The launch of the newest Livery Food Initiative Truck will be on Tuesday 5th March at 15:00 outside Mansion House.

Last summer, having raised the funds needed for their first van, the Livery Food Initiative began to raise funds for a larger truck that could go further afield to collect much-needed food.

They launched the request in earnest in December and are delighted to say that over 30 companies have contributed to this new appeal. As a result they have already raised over £125,000 of the £270,000 needed to keep the truck on the road for three years. They are honoured that the Lord Mayor has very kindly agreed to hand over the keys of the truck to Stephen Winningham, Chair of City Harvest, outside Mansion House at 15:00 on Tuesday March 5th, and are delighted that the Sheriffs will be there to support him in this task.

Members of the Livery are invited to attend if they are in the area at that time. So much has been achieved – but there is so much more to do and the Livery Food Initiative is also actively seeking new sources of food for City Harvest. For further information please contact the initiative.

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